Friday, March 06, 2009

Backup the mssqlsystemresource database

Since the introduction of SQL Server 2005, Microsoft implemented the mssqlsystemresource database.This is a read-only database that contains all the system objects that are included with SQL Server.It is stored as mssqlsystemresource.mdf / .ldf file combination and installed in the same location as the master databaseand it should stay there!

It is a SQL Server requirement that both the master and resource databases are in the same location.Due to the low IO overhead it's im my opinion not worth the trouble moving both databases.They should however be stored on a redundant disk. Too risky to lose them!

Its content is specific to a version / patch level and because it cannot be included inregular a SQL Server backup you should always make a manual copy of both .mdf and .ldf files:

- After a SQL Server instance is installed

- Before and after a service pack of hot fix is applied

Copying can be done while the SQL Server instance is on-line

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