Monday, March 16, 2009

SQL Server MSDTC settings

During installation of a new Windows OS I set the following properties for the MSDTC security settings and transaction timeout.

Required when you want to configure and use linked servers

Security setings:

Transaction Timeout:

To configure these properties in Windows Component Services, complete the following actions:

1.From your Microsoft Windows desktop,click Start > Settings > Administrative Tools > Component Services, or start dcomcnfg.exe from a command prompt.

2. Expand the tree view to locate the computer where you want to change the configuration for;for example, My Computer.

3. Display the context menu for the computer name, and then click properties.

4. Click the 'Options' tab, and set the 'Transaction Timeout' to a length of time that suits your environment.The minimum setting I use is 180 seconds.

5. Click the 'MSDTC' tab, and then 'Security Configuration'. make the changes as shown in the .jpg above and click OK to save.

The MSDTC service must be restarted for changes to take effect.The OS will ask for confirmation.

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